The YouTube Views Machine.

A systematic, data driven process guaranteed to grow your YouTube channel.

"You could pull triple the views with half the work if you just had better ideas" — Mr Beast

Everyone knows ideas have the highest leverage on growth but how much of you and your team effort are going towards them?

If you want new ideas, study old videos.

YouTube is home to over 800,000,000 videos, uploaded over 18 years. It’s a goldmine of inspiration and data backed success stories but you aren't taking advantage of it. You aren’t analysing what works.

The YouTube Views Machine is a 3 step systematic process that analyses the highest performing content (ever released) in your niche, organises this content into actionable categories and creates 6 months of high performing video ideas you can film.

You’re left with over 30 data backed ideas that will grow your channel, are fun to film and stink of originality. Along with a timeless bible of the titles, thumbnails and ideas that have disproportionately outperformed in your niche.

The results of The YouTube Views Machine so far have been incredible.

Create highly
innovative videos.

Quickly gain

Spend even less
time filming.

"If you're brand new to YouTube, you can either spend 3 years trying to figure it out on your own (and probably giving up along the way), or you can just skip to the answer and start creating valuable content from the beginning. If you want the latter, hire Jamie."

Nicolas Cole
Founder, Ship 30 for 30 and Digital Writer

The TYVM Process.

Capture. Categorise. Create.


We seek out the perfect content in your niche.

YouTube is 18 years old and home to over 800m videos: it's a goldmine of data. We use tech solutions, YouTube analytics and our priority methodology to analyse what’s performed best, why it's performed well and what will work for you.

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We highlight actionable, high performing content categories.

We categorise the highest performing content into clear categories you can create from. This takes out the guess work from future ideation. You also receive a timeless bible of what works when you're thinking of ideas, thumbnails or titles in the future.

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We provide no less than thirty video ideas.

From these high performing content categories, our team brainstorms. Drawing from the 'capture' process and our 5 years in YouTube we create 30 video ideas you can film instantly to grow your channel. This is 6 months of weekly content ideas that are comprehensive, innovative and fun to film.

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The Deliverables.

Tangible resources and executable processes.

Over 30 ideas backed by data, experience and expertise. That’s 6 months of weekly content you can use to grow your channel like never before.

Clearly understand what thumbnails and titles have performed best, so they can inform how you create future high-performing thumbnails and titles.

From an enormous gallery of tried and tested successful videos, you get a deep and comprehensive understanding of what works in your niche and how you can capitalise on it.

Clear content categories, proven to hugely out perform, that can be repeated again and again to generate disproportionate views.

A timeless bible of inspiration you can always refer back to when unsure on title, thumbnails, formats or ideas.

90 minute session with Jamie running through these concepts and how they can work best to grow your channel.

Grow your channel, wow your audience, have fun doing it.

Case Study:
Codie Sanchez's Channel Analytics
(results after 30 days of upload)

Average Video
Before TYVM

First Video
After TYVM


Filming Reduction

(8hrs → 2hrs)


Video Views

(110k → 1.1m)


Subscribers gained

(2450 → 23,000)


Total AdSense

($2100 →$20,000)


Things we often get asked.

How long does the process take?

We send an on-boarding sheet which includes channel goals, channel niche and request access to your YouTube analytics. 2 weeks later, we present back the top performing content, high growth content categories and over 6 months of original, high growth video ideas to grow the channel.

How do we engage once I've ordered?

Jamie will personally email you and you can communicate through there. He’ll also send a link to book in the TYVM call where findings and results are presented. Any further questions can also be answered over email.

What do you know about my niche?

Analysing high performing content, categorising what works, creating ideas from there works regardless of the niche. The beauty of the product is that it works in any niche.

Won’t this just be boring ideas already done?

Absolutely not. We analyse videos going back 10+ years and as a result, any ideas born from this are highly original. Part of Jamie's expertise is brainstorming from what's worked, not just copying it. These ideas will stand out a mile.

What involvement do you you need from me and my team?

After the 5 minute questionnaire: Nothing! Just a 90 minute call.

What input do you need from me?

A simple on-boarding questionnaire (8 questions) that outline channel goals, content type, audience and production resources. If you have an existing youtube channel we will also ask for access to analytics as a ‘viewer’.