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Jamie's experience, methodology and strategy is a key part of our growth. It's great working with an expert to take us to the next level.

Codie Sanchez

Founder of Contrarian Thinking

Jamie randomly sent me an idea on Twitter, it was amazing. He knows his stuff with YouTube and I hired him on the spot.

Austin Rief

Founder of Morning Brew

Jamie is thorough and puts thought into his YouTube strategy. It’s great working with him.

Dan Go

Founder of High Performance Founder

Hey, I’m Jamie!

I’ve always believed YouTube is one of the most exciting places for entrepreneurs and businesses.

In 2018 I put my money where my mouth is. I moved to London with every penny I had to create “The Zac and Jay Show” YouTube channel.

3 years later, we hit 900,000 subscribers while generating over 100,000,000 views which made it one of the fastest-growing UK YouTube channels in history.

Today, I spend time analysing YouTube trends, writing case studies of successful YouTube channels, and sharing my expertise on Twitter.

And for a handful of entrepreneurs who realise the power of YouTube, I run a program called The YouTube Views Machine where in just 2 weeks I put your YouTube channel through my Triple C methodology to come up with 6 months of viral, data-proven content guaranteed to grow your channel.

If you fancy working together to accelerate your entire YouTube growth process, click below and choose an option you prefer.

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The YouTube Views Machine

A Done-For-You service to help you shortcut your way to YouTube growth through data-driven methodologies while removing all the guesswork.


Free 100m views Video Plan Template

Use the same system that's been used to generate over 100m views and millions of dollars (free video planning course coming soon too)