The Story behind TYVM

From creating one of the fastest-growing channels in UK YouTube history.

Once upon a time I bet my entire life savings on YouTube.
The plan? Move to London and set up a channel with my best mate.

Did it work?
100 million views and 1 million subscribers later, thankfully so.

August 2018
I invest my life savings and move to London to set up a YouTube channel with my best friend Zac.
September 2018
With no idea how to edit, I was in charge of ideas and strategy: I research a shed load of ideas, why they worked and brainstorm
October 2018
The research pays off:

Our second ever video gets
400k views in the first month and we grow to 30k subscribers
January 2019
6 months in, we have 60,000 devoted subscribers, but the channel isn’t paying the bills

2 months of savings left before we have to get jobs
February 2019
We reluctantly invest £100 on a terrible outfit: but the video changes our lives forever:

- 275,000 new subscribers
- 31 million views
- £30k in cash
September 2019
With over 400,000 subscribers after year one, we start getting mainstream attention

We sign an industry first $500k management contract and film our own TV show, Pants on Fire
March 2020
Meanwhile, the viral strategy keeps working: We produce more and more viral videos, travel the world and in general live the creator dream
August 2021
At year three, we've grown to 900,000 subscribers traveled the world, gone from broke to rich and lived the dream

Yet all I felt was... is this it?
June 2021
I took a break from the channel and got a one way ticket to Mexico

It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I needed to do it and I'm glad I made the leap
Early 2022
🚀 TYVM launches
After falling back in love with entrepreneurship, YouTube and life in general... I get back in the YouTube arena

This time there's one big difference.

I'm behind the camera, focusing on what I always loved: Strategy
September 2022
Codie launches her first TYVM-video.

1.1 million views. 20,000 subscribers.

This thing works.

Now, I'm lucky and grateful to be able to say I whole heartedly love what I do.

It’s an amazing feeling, working on something you love, in a space you couldn't be more excited about, alongside some of the best creators and entrepreneurs of our generation.

If this sounds like you (or even future you) and you want to work— I’d love to talk.